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Discoveries of Asteroids by Our Students

Congratulations for the Preliminary Discoveries of Asteroids by our students under All India Asteroid Search Campaign 2016!

Ayush Ranjan and Yash Jha, students from class 9th have made three preliminary asteroid discoveries under the All India Asteroid Search Campaign 2016 run by SPACE organisation, which commenced from 26th June 2016 and is an ongoing process. Both the students are members of the Astronomy Club and found the Asteroid after searching through n-number of images. The program is still in progress. Preliminary Discovery is the first observation of asteroids found in Main Belt located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter which need further confirmation to go to Provisional or formally confirmed asteroid discovery. Incase of 'Confirmed Discovery' the students can also name the asteroids as per their wish.

AIASC discovery is a prestigious achievement and confirmed discovery will be given special benefits. Kudos to our Champs!