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Outstanding Performance by DPS,GBN'S Students in Olympiads!

Outstanding Performance by DPS,GBN‘S Students in Olympiads!

As ardent believers of hard work and perseverance, students of DPS, GBN have always believed in putting forward their best and exhibiting spectacular performance in all the arenas.

Carrying forward with the tradition of success, our talented students have showcased outstanding performance in numerous Olympiads to prove their mettle once again. Below is the achievers’ list (Primary School)of International English Olympiad (First Level) 2018-2019:-

Class Roll No. Name of the Student International Rank Zonal Rank Medal of Distinction
01 UP1886-01-H-117 Zoya 11 10 Gold Medal
03 UP1886-03-A-010 Ishaan Shankar 12 9 Gold Medal
03 UP1886-03-D-052 Kulsum Javed 8 5 Gold Medal
03 UP1886-03-E-069 Dhanvi Gupta 23 16 Gold Medal
03 UP1886-03-K-179 Shaurya Rastogi 8 5 Gold Medal
04 UP1886-04-G-068 Shiven Bajaj 31 18 Gold Medal
04 UP1886-04-H-076 Aarna Singh 12 8 Gold Medal
05 UP1886-05-E-056 Aadi Choudhary 104 21 Gold Medal
05 UP1886-05-E-059 Resham Mone 107 22 Gold Medal